Wick Liquor - Blue Moon 100ml

Wick Liquor - Blue Moon 100ml

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Wick Liquor present the uncompromising ONE HUNDRED series. Steeped in rich Wick Liquor flavour heritage, these beast sized 100ml bottles of Boulevard, Boulevard Shattered, Contra, Contra Shattered, Carnival and Deja Voodoo and Banshee present the knockout punch when it comes to the global fight for shortfill supremacy.

This premium 100ml Chubby Gorilla bottle carries 100ml of your chosen Wick Liquor flavour, allowing you to easily add 2 x 10ml 18mg bottles of Nicofuel, giving a vigorous shake, to then achieve 120ml of 3mg e liquid.

Carry more premium e liquid, carry more flavour, carry more Liquor.

Blueberry and raspberry notes are combined and then frozen to perfection to create a delicious slushie-like flavour that is never overly sweet or overpowering. As a result, you get a refreshing, uplifting, and delightful flavour with a kick that will keep you going back for more.

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